Sinkholes … Take Care of Below the Surface

If you have been keeping up with the news this week, you have heard about the sinkholes in Florida.  One ended in tragedy.  I started looking at some sinkhole pictures from across the world.  Pretty freaky!  These sinkholes can pop up literally in any location and can swallow up entire homes, buildings or city blocks.
The causes of a sinkhole start with slow processes that are "symptom-free" until disaster strikes!
The causes of a sinkhole start with slow processes that are “symptom-free” until disaster strikes!
My in-depth study into sinkholes…okay, my two minutes on Wikipedia…showed me that sinkholes don’t “just happen”.  There are underlying issues that lead to slow deterioration.  It seems that after this period of slow deterioration a larger challenge comes along and devastation ensues.  The most common cause is the slow, bit-by-bit, constant erosion and breakdown of the underlying earth.  No signs.  No symptoms.  Breakdown is still occurring.
Guess what?  Many people are building “health homes” over sinkholes and it is simply a matter of time before chaos breaks out.
The 50-year-old man being rushed to the ER from a heart attack.  Did this sinkhole just happen?  No.  There was a constant erosion of the underlying structures from unmanaged stress, sedentary lifestyle, an inflammatory diet, and slow breakdown of blood vessel structure based on micronutrient deficiencies.  
The 32-year-old mother being told that she has diabetes.  Did this sinkhole just happen?  No.  There was a constant erosion from skipped meals, late night snacks. and high-sugar energy drinks to get through the day.  It was erosion from the biochemical changes happening on the molecular level that caused the cells of the body to ignore the signal from insulin and other hormones.
The 28-year-old female being told that she has colitis and precancerous lesions in her colon.  Did this sinkhole just happen?  No.  The years of poor bowel motility, constipation, the Standard American diet low in fiber, plant nutrients, good protein and healthy fats, and constantly consuming gluten that was poisoning her body…all of this eroded her structure and things started falling apart.
The 36-year-old father of three with chronic neck pain and headaches and x-rays that show advanced osteoathritis in the neck.  Did this sinkhole just happen?  No.  It started with poor posture of his head and neck, lead to a breakdown of proper movement patterns with all his daily activities, it caused the joints of the spine to become fixated and unmovable and when pain struck he would simply knock down two Advil to mask the pain…all the while the joint degeneration was accelerating, the joints were immobile and long-lasting impacts are now noticed.
So what do you do to shore up the foundation you are building on and prevent this sinkhole from occurring in your neighborhood of health?  You have to make some healthy choices and you need to treat the things that aren’t even problems yet!  Yes, an ounce of prevention is still worth more than a pound of cure!
You need to support your body’s ability to detoxify every single day.  You need to commit to a detox program twice each year to help restore balance.
You need to make sure you aren’t missing the smallest of micronutrients that are absolutely essential for health.  To do this you need the Foundational Five nutrients…every single day.
You need to make sure your spine and nervous system is healthy and in balance. This means you are having your spine adjusted from a competent chiropractor, you are using massage therapy and you are exercising daily.
You need to know your unique biochemistry by looking at a broad and complete evaluation of blood, urine and saliva.  There are biomarkers of health that predict a sinkhole in your health by 5-10 years!  Too many wait to react, rather than be proactive.
You need to take care of your gut, you need to eat the right foods, you need to drink plenty of water, and the list could go on!
You need to make healthy choices!
In short, if you commit to a Magnificent Seven Lifestyle (eat right, drink right, move right, poop right, sleep right, talk right, think right) every day, you can avoid the devastation associated with the slow erosion that eventually leads to a sinkhole.

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