Magnificent Seven Lifestyle

“In order to have health, you must first earn health”.  These are words of wisdom from my colleague and mentor, Dr. Robert Rakowski.  He has compiled a list of seven things for health that he has termed the Magnificent Seven.  Lifestyle changes are required to be healthy.  When you are on the wrong track you must first get off the wrong track and choose to follow the right track.

“In order to have health, you must first earn health.”

The Magnificent Seven Lifestyle is an easy way to remember the important things to do each day.  In most cases, simply following the Magnificent Seven and the Foundational Five recommendations a person will notice an extreme improvement in their energy, mental clarity and focus, their libido, and overall mood.

I have about 50 posts that provide more detail to each of the Magnificent Seven components.  However, I will list them here so you can review them frequently and make sure you are incorporating these changes into your daily life.

  1. Eat Right

  2. Drink Right

  3. Move Right

  4. Sleep Right

  5. Talk Right

  6. Think Right

  7. Poop Right

Make sure you are doing this and you are well on your way to experiencing increased vitality and optimal function!

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