Are You Feeling A Little Nervous? Good.

Did you write down some goals that you set for yourself for the new year?

Do you have intentions on losing weight, exercising more, improving your self through continued learning, or doing that one thing you’ve always wanted to do?

You’ve pulled out the blender, you have your medical foods on hand and stocked the fridge with fresh produce because you’ve resolved to replace one unhealthy meal with a healthy shake.

You have the new gym shoes, downloaded the Tabata timer app on your iPhone and you’ve selected the sets you are going to do for daily exercises.

You chose the books you are determined to go through and glean life skills from, they are sitting on your nightstand or downloaded on your Kindle.

You’ve marked your calendar for date nights with your spouse and game nights with the kids.  You’ve resolved to turn off the phone, power done the computer and shut off the iPad.

You have resolved to live…to truly live.  You look back over the last year and there were things left undone, goals never accomplished and the “daily grind” turned into an entire year that was just ground away.

But now you are probably feeling a little nervous, huh?  If so, that’s good.  Embrace that little sense of nervous apprehension, the bit of discomfort you are experiencing trying to find the perfect tasting smoothie, and the feelings of cluelessness as you try to discover your kitchen.

These feelings mean you are growing.  To truly grow as a person we need to reach for goals that are just outside of our comfort zone.  Staying in your comfort zone leads to the same mundane daily grind where you place your head on the pillow at night and feel very ineffective.  Reaching beyond your comfort zone allows an opportunity for healthy growth.

So get back in the kitchen…give the kale chips another try, pull the medical food canister out of the trash and put your books back on the nightstand…you’re learning, you’re growing, you’re doing good!

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