Cammie – Lowers High Cholesterol Without Medications

Chances are you, or someone you know and love, is dealing with high cholesterol.  Many times people are forced into believing that the only option they have to treat their high cholesterol is to take a statin medication.  These statin drugs have serious side effects.  They increase the risk of dementia, sexual dysfunction, muscle pain and even increase heart disease risk by depleting coenzyme Q10 in your body.  Definitely not a good idea!

Cammie shares her story and you won’t believe how much her levels dropped with a medical food, proper supplements and dietary/lifestyle changes.  Even her medical doctor was so surprised at the results of this non-drug treatment option.  The unfortunate thing is that there was no time taken to learn more about these effective, safe, natural treatment methods.  So there will be hundreds of more people this month that will be placed on a statin drug, feel crummy with side effects, and suffer needlessly…instead of implementing these changes that are reproducible and measurable!

I hope Cammie’s story helps many that are struggling with real cardiovascular disease risk factors realize that there are more options than just medications.

Don’t you want to feel better while you are lowering your cholesterol?  You can!

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