We Follow Up With Cammie and Find That She’s Off Four Medications!

We visited with Cammie in the past and she shared the results she was getting on her lifestyle change program.  On this recent update she shared with us her recent progress which has lead to her stopping four of her six medications.  What a great testament to the fact that when you create health, diseases go away as a side effect!  What a great side effect that is!

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  1. I just wanted to add some important information that I think I missed sharing because I was soooo excited with the good news of my progress:

    The healthy things I have notice with my new lifestyle changes:

    *My skin is amazing. It is baby soft and has elasticity-I am over 40 and my skin feels like it did 30 years ago! This was one of the first noticeable changes.
    *My dental health is improving–I have bone loss, gingivitis, and unhealthy gums. I was had to schedule more frequent cleanings to prevent more damage to my gums. I am now on a regular (every 6 months) schedule and my dentist said, “What ever you are doing, keep doing it.” My gums no longer bleed during the cleanings and the bone loss is showing improvement.
    *I was taking Motrin (headaches) and Pepcid AC (heartburn) almost on a daily basis and I don’t use either anymore.
    *The statin I was taking caused so much damage to my memory and ability to function. I lost 2 jobs and I believe it was due to the damage this medication. I wasn’t able to help my son with his homework, would forget the oven on or even why it was on, severe DAMAGE! It brought me to tears and made me feel so helpless that I could not do the “simple tasks” I use to do. It has taken months and months but I am gaining back what was lost.
    *Don’t need prescription allergy medication that I took daily. Did not expect this at all! I have not been sick this entire winter since my lifestyle change. Others around me have been and I use to catch every cold or flu that was going around.
    *The energy I have is amazing. My body and mind are working together!
    *PMS symptoms–GONE!
    *Started getting panic attacks 7-8 years ago. Also struggle with anxiety. I am not off of all of my prescription medications but I do feel improvements. I am not irritable, nice mellow moods. My muscles are not always tense and sore or restricted body movements.

    *Losing body fat!!!!!!!!! Who wants to be obese!!!!!

    I could go on and on about the changes because there are sooo many!!! I really wanted to share some of the big changes. It takes work and commitment but it is something everyone can do. Food is my medicine and it works so much better than the prescriptions I was taking. I feel better over 40 than I did my whole life!

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