Why My Patient Fired His Doctor

Yes. I have a patient that fired his doctor. 

He was frustrated. 

He was infuriated. 

He was tired…of feeling sick…all the time. 

So you are asking, what would cause this gentle, kindhearted, easy-going fella to fire his doctor? 

Let’s start with the letter.

I saw Mr. Patient for multiple problems. When he came to see me he was having problems with peri-rectal abscesses that had required a couple of surgeries, a lot of misery and even more unanswered questions. He started looking for answers. He started to educate himself about, well…about himself! 

When he came to see me I recommended he do a Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis with Parasitology. Gastrointestinal issues really come down to (A) what is not being put in the gut, or (B) what is not coming out of the gut. The results provided some answers, and I felt that to get the quickest relief for Mr. Patient he should see his primary care provider for medications.

Simple enough, right? Wrong. Here’s the response we received from that referral.



So let’s review this little snippet.

First, he states that the results are “nothing abnormal”. Herein lies a really big difference between conventional “health” care and wholistic health care. Failure to see imbalances in the body as warning signs and clues to underlying complaints is a real concern. This is why so many patients are needlessly suffering because there are many practitioners that are still not asking the right questions, still not checking the right tests and not interpreting these tests through the individual patient sitting in front of them.

Second, he did not think that “all that checking you had over there should have been done…” A stool profile? A functional digestive analysis? A window into the system that was causing Mr. Patient a lot of undue stress, anxiety and pain? So instead, the multiple surgeries to repair abscesses, but never asking the question, “Why are there abscesses?”, is a better course of care?

Thirdly, and quite honestly the one makes me a little hot under the collar, is this statement. “We cannot give you treatment based on the advice from people with UNRECOGNIZED MEDICAL TRAINING.” Excuse me? Chiropractic medical training is recognized in every state of the United States, by the United States government, by Medicare, Workers Compensation and private insurers. These are still statements and feeling being made born out of ignorance and perpetuated by many “old-school” medical doctors. This negative reflection has been going on for some time. Want to know more about it? Watch the great documentary, Doctored, to find out why these kind of feelings still persist.

So what are the results he was talking about? Here they are:


Not only does this report show that levels of key “good bacteria” are low, it also shows a high 3+ culture of a dysbiotic flora called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Does this bacteria live in the GI tracts of most adults? Yes. Should this be cultured at a 3+ on a functional stool profile? No.

Mr. Patient had symptoms and some of the things that Pseudomonas can lead to include:

  • urinary tract infections
  • dermatitis
  • soft tissue infections … hmm, could this mean non-healing peri-rectal abscesses??
  • bacteremia
  • endocarditis
  • osteochondritis

The sensitivity report showed the following:


Obviously, we’d prefer to treat with natural antibacterials whenever possible, but there weren’t a lot of great options here. When we looked at what medications would kill this we found this:


This is what led to the referral back to his primary care provider. What I would love to have happened is a phone call thanking me for my participation in the care of a mutual patient. A patient that received appropriate care from a TEAM of health care providers. A patient that was able to benefit from the treatment options of medicine, natural medicine, and lifestyle changes.
Instead this patient was told he wouldn’t be treated, I got bashed in a couple of letters and Mr. Patient started to turn into Mr. Angry.
So what did he do? He fired his doctor. Yep, he wrote a letter, stopped care, and found a new primary care provider. He is now working with someone that is treating him as an individual. He made great strides in improving his health, resolved this painful and annoying condition, and improved his general health and wellness in the meantime.
Does this mean that a patient should dictate their care to their doctor or just leave? Nope, that’s not what I am saying at all. But when a health care provider chooses to ignore issues based on lack of education and then proceeds to “bash” other health care providers…well then that’s just plain wrong. No one doctor can have all the answers. No one health discipline can provide all the answers a patient may need.
I frequently thank my patients for allowing me to be a part of their health care team.
I encourage them to find a primary care provider they can trust. Work with a naturopath, massage therapist, acupuncturist, etc to help them meet their goals. Ultimately, you are responsible for you. For some reason people have been forced to believe they have no control over their own health.
Thankfully, Mr. Patient kept looking, didn’t give up hope and is reaping the benefits of his diligence today!






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