Foundational Five

You cannot get all you need to be healthy from diet alone.  You must supplement wisely.  In order to cleanse, nourish, and balance your body to protect you from the burden of stress, toxins, and malnutrition, I recommend the Foundational Five.


These are supplements that you and your family should take every single day to protect yourself.  Think of it like a maintenance plan for your car, life insurance, or a great prevention policy.  You cannot afford to not take the Foundational Five each day.


Skeptical?  Consider making a three month pledge.  Incorporate only the Foundational Five as listed below with the Magnificent Seven Lifestyle and see how you feel in 90 short days.  Did you know that you can alter over 500 genes…in a good way…in only 90 days!  Think about that!  Your genes express who you are.  Rather than them making you more sick, they can instead make you more healthy.

Foundational Five

  1. Multiple Vitamin/Mineral – This should be a high-quality, bioavailable, broad-spectrum supplement that covers all the bases of health-promoting vitamins and trace minerals.  Metagenics is rewriting the book when it comes to valuable supplements with their nutrigenomic testing.  Their newest product, Phyto Multi, is able to reduce the damage done to your DNA.  This has been confirmed through testing.  What I love about the Phyto Multi is that you can get what you need in only 1-2 capsules daily so there is no excuse for poor compliance.
  2. Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids (fish oil) – They are called essential for a reason.  You should plan on taking 1-3 grams of a pharmaceutical-grade fish oil each day.  Fish oils inhibit cancer growth by 13 different mechanisms, as well as, decrease cardiovascular disease by 13 different mechanisms.  Quality does matter and what you get at your large “mega-stores” is definitely not quality.
  3. Phytonutrients – Phyto- means plants.  So we are talking about nutrients you can get from plants.  Current recommendations are 9-12 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.   Most Americans fall way short of that recommendation.  The National Cancer Institute has gone so far as to say that cancer is a fruit and vegetable deficiency.  You should take a high quality plant-nutrient “greens drink” each day to ensure that you are consuming adequate levels of these alkalizing and anti-cancer nutrients.
  4. Vitamin D – You must know your vitamin D levels and supplement accordingly.  Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to chronic musculoskeletal pain, increased cancer risk, and autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.  It is important to supplement each day, especially in the winter months, when sunlight exposure is very limited.
  5. Probiotics – The health of your gut and the quantity of good bacteria in your gut can affect everything from your weight to your risk for developing diabetes.  There have been studies showing complete eradication of multiple sclerosis when a “fecal transplant” was performed.  Bad bacteria can make you toxic, they can increase your risk of heart disease, irritable bowel, obesity, fatigue and more.  Daily supplementation with a good source of probiotics can help your gut populate normal, healthy flora.  The type of bacteria you use for general health matters.  Make sure you supplement with a quality product that has a high number of colony forming units in each capsule.

My Recommendations

Below you will find that I recommend to my patients and have achieved great clinical outcomes with this approach.  If you are interested in purchasing these supplements you can visit our storefront via Nutri-Dyn.  Register as a patient and use the account number 610208 to set up an account where these supplements can be delivered directly to your door.

  1. Wellness EssentialsTake one packet daily for your PhytoMulti multiple vitamin, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.
  2. Dynamic Fruits and GreensTake one scoop daily for your plant based nutrients and probiotic support.

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