Lesson #1: “Is Your Homework Done?”

Lesson #1 that my dad taught me…a strong work ethic.  My dad has always been a hard worker.  He has taught me that if there is a job worth doing then it is worth doing well.  He has lived the Scripture that says that “whatever your hand finds to do, to do it with all your might”.

I remember growing up during junior high and high school having dad come home from work and wanting to know if my homework was done.  Why?  That was my “job” at that time.  He wanted me to always perform at my highest level.  Mediocre grades weren’t allowed because that meant I was giving only mediocre effort.  Dad didn’t require perfection, but he did require trying your hardest.

I’ve listened to the stories from my parents of their college days.  I’ve heard about my dad holding down a couple of jobs and maintaining high marks at Texas A&M University in engineering.  All the while supporting some snot-nosed little kid (that would have been me).  I’ve watched my dad get up early day after day and give his best at work.  I have watched him work during church building programs, lending a helping hand or just keeping things “tidy” around the house.  He does nothing half-heartedly or with slothfulness.  He is a hard worker.

I’m thankful for those days of hearing, “Is your homework done?”  I sure did hate it at the time, but now I see the value of it.  It’s what kept me motivated to lock myself in a study closet during chiropractic school on a beautiful afternoon in Minneapolis when the lakes, museums, malls and restaurants were calling…all because I had a major test in Spine and Pelvis and my “homework” wasn’t done yet.  It’s that work ethic that was instilled in me that gave me the belief in myself that I could pursue my dream of starting a practice that would benefit those in my community.

Dad, thanks for demonstrating in word and deed how to work hard and maintain a good attitude when doing it.  Thanks for teaching me the value of hard work and commitment and showing me that sometimes getting past life’s obstacles is just putting your shoulder to the wheel and working.

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