Lesson #2 – “Liar, Liar Pants on Fire…”

Lesson #2 I learned from dad…don’t lie!  What was a kids taunt to some was a reality for me.  I grew up in the era of common sense where spankings were given in love, in controlled discipline and with the intent of changing behavior.  My dad taught me that lying could have the direct consequence of setting my pants on fire “when dad gets home”!

My dad had this uncanny “dad alarm” implanted into his brain that could detect all manner of lying from either me or my brother.  There were no “white lies”, “half truths”, or “partial cover-ups” allowed.  A lie was a lie.  My dad taught me to tell the truth even when it hurts.  I have never resented this lesson.  I have found that being honest and truthful is one of the easiest ways to advance in life and in your relationships.  A honest and truthful attitude builds solid marriages, great friendships and a strong, ethical business.

Thanks dad for teaching me the value of honesty.

How has honesty assisted you in this journey of life?

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