Thanks Dad…

One week from today dads across the country will wake up to a burnt toast breakfast in bed, a funky tie they’ll have to wear on Monday, and some crayon-crafted Father’s Day cards.  It’s a great day for fathers and a chance to tell your dad how you appreciate him.

I am blessed to have been raised in a stable home with a dad that was there for me.  I’m privileged to still live in the same city as my dad and when I need advice, my dad’s number is on speed dial.  I have learned a lot from my dad.  Matter of fact, I am still learning a lot from him.  With three kids of my own, there are plenty of times I have realized the unconditional love my dad has for his kids.

Starting tomorrow I want to share 7 lessons I learned from dad.  I will post a new lesson each day.  Hopefully it will inspire you and motivate you to think of what life lessons your dad has taught you.  To make this fun for everyone I would love to have you participate by doing a few things:

  1. Visit our Facebook page and “Like” us.
  2. Post a short video or write a short story of a lesson you’ve learned from your dad (and make sure to thank him and tell him that you love him too while you’re at it!) on our LEC Facebook page so others can watch it.
  3. Keep watching for each day’s lesson.
  4. Send your friends and family to our Facebook page, have them “Like” our page and then tell them to “Like” your video post.  After Father’s Day we will see which video received the most “likes” and that individual will receive a free copy of an excellent book, “Wild At Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul”.

So tell us about that favorite camping trip, funny moment, or sentimental time that impacted your life.  Let’s spend this week just saying, “Thanks Dad!”

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