Every Reach Is A Choice

What are you reaching for?  Every time you reach for something you are making a choice.  You are determining the course of your tomorrow by what you are reaching for today.

Every reach is a choice.

We have thousands of interactions with food each and every day.  Whether that be thinking about food, smelling food, planning a menu, driving past a restaurant, or planning a company picnic…food is everywhere.  Our thinking about food and healthy food has been skewed by an industry that has more focus on dollar signs than waist lines.  While it is easier to eat unhealthy junk food, fast food and follow the Standard American Diet, it’s not impossible to reach for healthy choices each day.  Being healthy requires you to reach for your calendar to plan your menu.  You need to reach for your pocketbook to invest in better foods for better health.  You need to reach to tie your shoes for exercise.  Every reach is a choice.

It has been ingrained into our society to reach for the super-sized meals, pop machines, vending machines, donuts at the meeting, the “fourth meal” at Taco Bell, or the “heart attack” burger.  These choices will lead you to reaching for another dose of a statin drug, or diabetes med, or “water pills”, or acid-blockers.  The sad fact of the matter is that these choices will not allow you to reach all your goals.

Your goals to:

  • wrestle with your kids
  • wrestle with your grandkids
  • fit into the pants you wore in high school
  • fit back into your wedding dress
  • feel better about your reflection in a mirror
  • have an improved sex drive
  • have better mental clarity and focus
  • wake up each day with enough energy to conquer life’s challenges

You sell yourself short.  Your goals fall outside of your reach.  But guess what?  You can rewrite the end of the story starting right now!  You don’t have to follow the same path that everyone else is on.

  • Reach for the salad instead of the fries.
  • Reach for the water instead of the Coke.
  • Reach for the stairs instead of the elevator button.
  • Reach for your gym shoes rather than your house shoes.
  • Reach for the broccoli rather than the donuts.

Every reach is a choice.  Small choices are cumulative and have profound consequences.  Live life to the fullest each day.  Reach for the stars!

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