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The feelings you may experience on the first day or two of a detoxification program vary from person to person.  I want to share with you a couple of problems you may face and some solutions.  These are based on my own personal experience and the advice I give to patients in my office during their Wellness Week.

With a little planning, preparation and patience you can work through most problems.

Problem: You experience headaches, mild nausea, fatigue or muscle pain.

Solution:  Having symptoms such as these is common during a detoxification procedure.  If you are a “sugar-junkie” and cut out the refined sugars and processed foods your body can go through withdrawals.  Don’t neglect to remember that sugar is a drug.  In animal studies sugar was more addicting than even cocaine!  So the feelings can be very real.  That is why we like to buffer the detoxification process with AdvaClear which can help support phase II of the transformation of toxins.

So ask you doctor to increase AdvaClear, consume plenty of pure filtered water, and drink some green tea and that can really help alleviate these symptoms and help you work through them.

Problem: Constipation or not moving bowels every single day

Solution:  Proper bowel elimination is very important during a detox process since you are trying to remove the toxins from your body.  You should have at least one bowel movement every single day.  Many are concerned when they start a detox program with proper nutrient support that they start to have looser stools.  This is your body’s mechanism to try and rid itself of toxins as quickly as possible so the toxins cannot recirculate and cause increased harm.  For constipation I recommend patients use Mag Citrate.  Each tablet is 100 milligrams of magnesium citrate which serves as a safe bowel laxative.  You can take anywhere from 2-10 at bedtime depending on your bowel movements.

Problem:  Feeling drained during the day.

Solution: Exercise.  A brisk walk, a sprint up some stairs, or some movement can improve your breathing, circulation, and help you feel more energetic on the Wellness Week.  I have also found that by taking my shakes at regular timed intervals (whether I feel like them or not), is really helpful in maintaining my energy throughout the day.  Many have relied on caffeine and other stimulants to get them going through each day.  By reducing the burden of toxins your mitochondria can actually manufacture more energy and you can feel more energized at the end of the Wellness Week.

Problem:  Feeling food cravings

Solution:  When a “craved food” is totally avoided you brain has mechanisms to turn off the craving within about a week period.  The more diligent you are with the Wellness Week the faster your cravings will disappear.  Again, I recommend consistent timing with the medical food shakes and munch on the vegetable of the day.  Also drink water!  Let your body re-establish the fact that sometimes what you perceive as hunger is really just your body’s way of signaling thirst.

Problem: You don’t like drinking water

Solution: This is one of those things where you just have to learn to like something that is absolutely vital for good health.  I recommend getting a stainless steel water bottle and keeping it full throughout the day.  Learn to sip your water throughout the day so it can be utilized by the cells.  If you need to add some lemon or lime slices to the water until you learn to like water then this is a fine choice.

Problem: You don’t like the “grittiness” of the medical food, the taste of the medical food, the consistency of the medical food…

Solution:  I use 12 ounces of cold water for my medical food and I just use a simple shaker cup with a lid.  I have found that thirty seconds of vigorous shaking is better than trying to blend, stir, or mix the shake.  That is my opinion, I know others that prefer a personal blender to mix up their shakes.  My wife likes to mix a little Dynamic Greens (strawberry kiwi or berry) in with her medical foods and this makes the taste much more tolerable and tasteful.

I think medical foods may be an acquired taste.  I have used them for years and I can honestly say that I enjoy the medical foods.  I have a six year old, a four year old and an 18 month old and they also drink  (and like) the medical foods.  I have had to tell some patients just to “stop whining and suck it up!”  🙂  Of course, I am jesting, but honestly it is one week and they really aren’t that bad.  I can guarantee that a medical food is much better than preparing for a barium enema to rule out some digestive disease.

I hope these tips are helpful.  Do you have other “problems” I didn’t mention?  Leave them in the comments below and I will address them.  Please share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter if you liked it!

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