Detox Tips For Home Remodelers

So you’re wanting to change the tile in the bathroom, or repaint the bedroom, or new carpet in the living room, or some other home remodeling project. You spend your day at the local “do-it-yourself” home building stores picking out the supplies you will need. You’ve thought of every detail. You have the right colors matched, the right carpet, and the perfect tile. Maybe your remodeling even includes new furniture and entertainment centers. All the details are laid out, but you may be missing one of the most important parts of any remodeling project. Failing to remember this detail could place you and your family at risk. What is this final detail? It’s your detox plan!


New carpets, paints, flooring, windows, and furniture out gasses toxic fumes for quite some time. That “new carpet smell” is actually toxic substances invading the air that you are breathing. We have two types of toxin exposures…internal and external. Remodeling significantly increases your exposure to external toxins and increases your risk of disease development. There are over 85,000 chemicals we are exposed to in the world. Toxic overload is linked to cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease and obesity.

Allow me to give you just a few tips and supplement ideas to make your remodeling project safe for you and your family.

(Note: Pregnant women should avoid painting and other remodeling projects due to the very high level of toxin exposure. This will decrease health related issues for your child which may not manifest for years down the road.)

Open your windows

Try opening your windows to ensure adequate circulation and venting of the fumes.  Strategically directed fans can help create a current that will decrease the lingering fumes.

Filter Your Air

You should consider using a high quality air filtration system.  You want a system that cleans the air and removes particles down to a very small micron size.  I am familiar with the quality of Healthway products.  In some places you can find someone to run a filtration unit in your home for 24 hours to see what is being collected from your air.  Then they can set up a filtration system for 24 hours and then recheck what is being collected.  You would be amazed at what is in the air you breathe each day and this is dramatically increased from the dust, paint, and fumes associated with remodeling.

Wear Protective Breathing Masks

While you are actively sanding, grinding, or painting consider a good breathing mask with filter to reduce your direct exposure to the chemicals.  Consider masks with replaceable filters and ensure a proper fit.

Buy Green

There are options for flooring, carpeting, furniture, wood, and other materials that are made from materials that are more “green” and contain less volatile chemicals.  These products have less out-gassing of toxins and are safer.  While they may cost more initially, you will save on the improved health.  Also visit the site, Everyday Exposures, that will show you how many toxins you are exposed to in different rooms of your house.  They also provide safe alternatives and ways to decrease exposure.

Eat More Plants

The more toxins we are exposed to, the more plants we need to be eating.  Phytochemicals in plants have profound antioxidant performance, packed with important trace minerals, and assist in the detoxification process.  Focus on the green leafy vegetables and the cruciferous vegetables primarily.  Aim for 9-11 servings every single day to help decrease cancer risk.  You should consume every color, every day.  Consider adding a greens drink to your daily routine as well.

Wellness essentials

Everyone in your home should be on Wellness Essentials during a remodeling project.  Each packet contains a multiple vitamin/mineral with the key micronutrients necessary to aid in detoxification and elimination, prevent DNA damage, support the adrenal stress response, protect the liver, brain and kidneys, and support all of your key metabolic processes.  In addition to the multivitamin there is also a pharmaceutical-grade fish oil.  Omega-3 fatty acids are known as essential fatty acids.  These decrease inflammation, help improve blood flow and make up the cell membranes of all your body’s cells.  Think of fish oils as your body’s daily “oil change”.  The final component of the Wellness Essentials is the inclusion of  a liver detoxification support capsule.  This product will help to upregulate phase II of your liver detoxification and improve your body’s ability to eliminate, through proper biotransformation, your toxic build-up.

Dynamic Health Drink

The Dynamic Health Drink is…well, it’s just dynamic!  It contains a blend of Dynamic Greens which provides you with 20+ servings for organic fruits and greens to help alkalize your body and protect your cells from oxidative damage.  It also includes whey protein which is able to increase your body’s supply of glutathione.  Glutathione is your body’s master antioxidant.  Every molecule of toxins in your body must be bound and removed by one molecule of glutathione.  Deficiency in glutathione will lead to accumulation of toxins.  These toxins will then try to find homes in your cell membranes, your joints, your muscles and your brain.  The final component is additional fiber.  Fiber will help your bowel transit time remain normal.  Fiber also helps to bind to excess toxins in the gut and shuttle them through the digestive tract where they can be eliminated.  One scoop daily of this powerful blend of nutrients is a strong (and great tasting) way to protect yourself during a remodeling project.

Ultra Clear Plus pH or Ultra Clear Renew

If your project is an extended one, or if you are developing some sure signs of toxicity, then consider adding additional medical food support to help your detoxification pathways.  You may want to consider taking 1/4 scoop to 2 scoops once or twice each day.  Since Ultra Clear Plus pH and Ultra Clear Renew are medical foods, you can use these as meal replacements or snacks.

Watch for symptoms of toxin exposure

In 1996 the Journal of Clinical Chemistry published seven key symptoms associated with increased toxin exposure.  These seven symptoms are what we see all the time in our office and is why we spend time on addressing the stress, toxins and malnutrition components of a patient’s health.  These seven symptoms are:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Sleep disturbances
  3. Intestinal distress
  4. Headaches
  5. Allergy symptoms
  6. Confusion
  7. Anxiety

If you are experiencing these symptoms you need to increase your detoxification support.  I would also encourage you to complete a Medical Symptoms Questionnaire (MSQ) to identify your current health score.  Complete this form and tally your score.  If you score is <20 you are doing pretty good.  If it is 20-50 then you need help.  If if it 50-100 you are sick, and if it is greater than 100 you are experiencing profound physical detriments, most likely from increased toxin exposure.  If your score is elevated, and you want help, call my office to schedule an in-office or phone appointment.

Maintain proper bowel elimination

If you are constipated, have less than one bowel movement every single day, have hemorrhoids or anal fissures, or have a lot of bloating you should be concerned for the increased exposure you have to toxic metabolic by-products in your body.  Your liver is supposed to convert your fat soluble toxins into water soluble toxins and package them for safe transit through the body so they can be eliminated.  However, if there is slowing of your transit time, or constipation, then you force these “packaged” toxins to be recirculated through your body where they place more stress on the liver and make you more toxic.

Use far infrared sauna

Far infrared sauna is one way that you can improve excretion of metabolic wastes through sweating.  There are a number of massage therapists that have access to far infrared saunas.  Many people also buy them for their own home use.  If you have one, take advantage of that and use it regularly during the remodeling process.

Epsom Salt Baths

Epsom salts baths can be enjoyable and relaxing after a long day of work. They can help reduce muscle soreness and do help assist the detoxification process, in a minimal way, by helping to increase magnesium.  Use about two cups of Epsom salt mixed in a warm bath and soak for twenty minutes.

Hopefully you can utilize these tips to stay healthy during your current or future remodeling projects.  If you, or someone you know, needs more assistance in a medically supervised detoxification program that has proven clinical safety and efficacy, then consider calling our office.  We have a variety of programs available that can be tailored to your personal and financial needs.

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