This One Word Can Improve Your Health

There is one word that is so powerful it can stop diabetes dead in its track.  It can halt the degenerative brain decline associated with dementia, and even Alzheimer’s disease.  It has the ability to prevent over 90% of all cancers.  This word can reduce back pain, knee pain, joint pain and headaches.  What is this “wonder word”?  It’s simple, it’s short, but it’s powerful…NO.

Learn to say no to the wrong things at the right time…now!

Any of us that have children know that the word “NO” comes very early in our vocabulary development.  Maybe it is because our children hear us telling them “no” so often.  No, don’t touch the hot stove.  No, don’t put your hand in the electrical outlet.  No, don’t try to jump off the roof with your homemade parachute.  (Well, that last one is probably just for some of our older kids).

I was taught in elementary school to “Just Say No” to drugs.  We were made to attend the pep rally with hundreds of screaming kids as they taught us how to say no.  I would instill the same instructions to my kids today.  Say no to drugs.  Say no to things that can ruin your life physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Unfortunately, there is one drug that we are NOT telling our kids to say no to.  In fact, most parents are with their children and buy these drugs for their kids.  They pack these drugs in the lunch boxes.  They send these drugs on their field trips.  Kids exchange their drugs in the lunch room despite the watchful eye of the cafeteria monitors.

So what is this drug that is so prevalent, so rampant, and so detrimental to the health of our upcoming generations?  Sugar.  In all its derivatives…high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, sugar, and the list goes on.

You think I am over-reacting?  You think that sugar is really not a drug?  Well, it is and it is the drug of choice for millions of American men, women, and children.  Consider this study with mice that showed mice were so addicted to sugar and fat that it was harder to break the addiction than cocaine!  They continued to gorge on the sugar/fat addiction despite the fact they knew they were going to be shocked.

In order for us to be brain healthy all of our neurotransmitters must be balanced.  The reward system in our body uses dopamine as its neurotransmitter.  Of course, for this reward system to properly work there must be an adequate level of dopamine receptors in your brain.  Poor lifestyle choices, addictions, stress and other things can deplete the number of dopamine receptors.  Therefore a much larger stimulation is required to activate this reward cascade in the brain.  Sex, drugs, and sugar activate these pathways, but when the receptors are low it leads to illicit sex, sex addictions, drug abuse and addictions and sugar abuse/addiction.  For mice that were addicted to cocaine, stopping the cocaine allowed their dopamine receptors to return to a normal level in about two days.  For the sugar addicted mice, however, stopping the sugar took 2 weeks to return their dopamine receptors to normal!

So the addiction can be very real, but thankfully we are not mice and have higher frontal lobe function than a bunch of rats.  As parents we need to make the executive decisions for our children, and then they can learn to make the right choices on their own.  Kids that eat healthy and avoid sugar and junk food are not deprived or neglected.  If kids see their parents complain about eating their broccoli, then guess what…they will complain too.

Learning to say no to the health detriments around you is the best way to improve your health, memory, physique, sex life, and general wellness.  You have a choice each day to make the right decisions.  The deeper you are in a hole, the harder it is to get out, but it is still not impossible.  That is why it is easiest to never fall in the hole in the first place.  This reminds me of the first law of holes.  If you find yourself stuck in a hole…stop digging!  Saying no can be hard at first, but as you regain your health and vitality it gets easier and easier to use this health-promoting word.

If you are needing help in beating sugar/fat addictions, need help with healthy eating, or want to know how to have a healthy brain then contact our office to set up an appointment.  We can see you in the office or consult over the phone, but we are here to help you find a solution for your health care goals!

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