Do You Own Your Dream?

I’m reading a great book right now from John Maxwell, “Put Your Dream to the Test”. The first question you should aski to put your dream to the test is do you own your dream? Is your dream really your dream?

Many people dream of feeling better, having more energy, enjoying life, hitting the gym…but their dream is never put to the test. Excuses are made, discouragements are encouraged, and old failures are allowed to reign. But a powerful point is made in his book. You must have a stake in the game. This means investing something of value. Anytime that happens a person’s level of commitment goes way up. Why? Because if you own something it requires that you give it energy, money, time, and commitment. When you have a stake in the game your attitude changes. You no longer have an easy come, easy go attitude but you’re invested in it.

Are you invested enough in your health? Are you willing to place a stake in the game? That means you might have to look at your budget and ensure you can purchase foundational nutrition for your health (multiple vitamin/mineral, fish oil, and phytonutrients). you might have to invest in that gym membership or equipment to get you moving right. You might have to commit to spending a little extra on organic food for your family.

I strongly feel though that placing a stake in the game with your health is a very valuable thing to do. My dream is to be active well into my nineties and be able to enjoy my great-grandchildren. My dream is to avoid heart disease, cancer and autoimmune disease. I’ve got a stake in the game. I invest my time, money, commitment and energy into helping myself, my family and my patients. Just ask my boys how important their daily routine of vitamins, dynamic greens, and fish oils are. They are learning to make some commitments. They are starting to develop their own dreams. I’ve got to make right choices, lead by example and keep myself healthy…I’ve got two monkeys to take care of and one more one the way…and right now my monkeys are jumping on me and wanting their fish oil.

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