Why Are My Muscles Tight?

Do you suffer with chronically tight muscles? This is a very common complaint among all walks of life…from the high school athlete, to the weekend warrior, to the pregnant mother, to the retiree. There are many underlying issues that may be precipitating your muscle tightness. Because of the many underlying causes a little detective-like sleuthing may be required to get to the bottom of things.

One of the major causes of chronic muscle tightness is balance disorders. Yep, that’s right, some disconnect between what your brain receives as proprioception (spatial awareness) and its output to your muscles. Want a simple home test to see if you have some balance problems? Stand next to a counter that you can hold, if needed. Then close your eyes and try to stand on one leg. You should be able to do this for eighteen to twenty seconds, if you can’t consider balance issues. You can have vestibular problems that don’t manifest as dizziness, vertigo, or falls. A chiropractic neurologist is specially trained to look at subtle clues on your physical exam that may point to underlying vestibular (balance center) problems. The input your brain receives from your joints determines the integrity of your brain, as well as the output and control to all your muscles. A balanced brain is a healthy body.

It is also important to note that muscles are significantly affected by stress and toxins. If you have a hormonal imbalance because of chronic real, or perceived, stress then you are setting the stage for significant alterations in all the hormones of your body, and this can effect the health of your muscles.

Toxin accumulation can also lead to muscle problems. We are exposed to a vast and wide array of toxins each day. These dangerous chemicals are ubiquitous and affect every man, woman, boy and girl. We know from multiple studies done from groups like the Environmental Working Group (www.ewg.org) that even newborn infants have extremely high levels of toxins already accumulated in their cord blood testing.

Toxin accumulation can lead to improper muscle function and lymphatic congestion…all which can lead to muscle tightness.

You can alleviate muscle tightness. You can improve your balance, manage your stress and/or detoxify your body. Salivary hormone testing, bioelectrical impedance analysis and blood testing can identify the biochemical causes of muscle tightness. A thorough history and chiropractic neurologic examination can identify structural imbalances.

Take control of your health and motivate yourself for change!

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