Be Thankful for Each Day

Some news I heard today made it very obvious that our life is just a vapor. The moments we spend forging relationships, playing with children or holding hands with our spouse are truly what is most important.

No individual is guaranteed tomorrow. Time and chance happen to all men. Our life on this earth, whether short or long, will be judged not by the money in our bank accounts, the number of cars in our garage, or the number of material things we own. Rather we will be remembered by the moments we shared with those we love. We will be remembered for the times we’ve spent with a friend and a good cup of coffee, the game of catch in the backyard with your boys, or the romantic homemade meal with your wife.

Take time to identify your core values and make sure your daily life aligns with these values. Identify what’s really important. Today we are facing recession, job lay offs, uncertain futures and increased stress burdens. But if we can realize that if we keep those we love close to us, we have more than most, and for that we are blessed.

You get one life. Make it count.

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