What Do You Do If You’re Stuck In A Hole?

Ever heard this saying before?  What’s the first thing you do if you find yourself stuck in a hole?

You stop digging.

Sounds obvious enough, doesn’t it?  When it comes to your health and getting out of sickness the first thing you must do is stop digging!



People are taking loads and loads of medications for an ever growing list of ailments.  There is a medication for everything…and if there isn’t a condition for a drug on the market then a new disease is fabricated!  It’s getting pretty ridiculous.  Don’t get me wrong…there are right times and wrong times for taking medications.  The problem comes when these medications lead to worse side effects and conditions than the disease they are meant to “cure”.  

Are you stuck in the hole of fatigue, poor memory and chronic aches?  Stop digging the hole with toxic foods, artificial junk food “stuff”, high calorie beverages, dangerous energy drinks and non-lifesaving medications that are being popped like candy.

Are you stuck in the hole of abnormal blood sugars, insulin sensitivity and prediabetes?  Stop digging the hole with high glycemic foods, sedentary lifestyles and daily choices that rob your health.

The point is simple.  If you are stuck…stop digging first of all.  Reduce the overall burden on your health.  Then after you have stopped the damage then look around for some things that work to rebuild your health.

Over the next few posts I am going to share with you the most important starting points to regain your health.  The first part of the STOP BN SICK protocol is to stop the damage.  I am going to show you the things that must be addressed first if you want to be healthy.  If you neglect these areas you will never improve your health, you will keep suffering and your hole will keep getting deeper!

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