3 Things Your Brain and Body Need

Do you know what your brain and your body need every day to keep you healthy?  It can seem overwhelming with all the information available about what is good…and what’s not…in regards to your health.  However, what your brain and body need to rebuild and maintain health can be summarized in three basic ingredients: oxygen, fuel and activation.  

Your brain and body require oxygen, fuel and activation...these three things to be healthy.
Your brain and body require oxygen, fuel and activation…these three things to be healthy.

It is very important that this concept not be overlooked or forgotten.  Whether you are dealing with depression, chronic neck pain, tennis elbow, lower back pain with sciatica, digestive complaints, acid reflux, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or any other complaints…you must ask yourself are you providing proper oxygen, fuel and activation.  If you don’t there will be no improvement in health.  If you don’t meet these basic needs your body has nothing to build on.  

As we discuss these three points in greater detail in the Stop the Damage portion of our STOP BN SICK protocol, you are going to be encouraged to find that there are simple, inexpensive and effective ways to measure the quality of your oxygen, fuel and activation.  You don’t need to schedule a visit to Mayo Clinic, you don’t have to have expensive diagnostic imaging tests performed and you don’t have to suffer with a painful surgery.  

We are going to start our discussion with oxygen.  We will be discussing:

  • ATP, mitochondria, and how this is important to you
  • the number one cause of hypoxia (low oxygen delivery and utilization)
  • the dealbreaker that will hinder any health goals you have
  • 24 body parts you have that must move properly to be healthy
  • the number one prescription for improving oxygen
  • how to tell and what to do if you are bloated
  • blood pressure positional changes and what they mean for your oxygen delivery

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