Never Let Go of Hope

I recently had a wonderful lady present into my office with a complicated medical history. The doctors had given her no real signs of hope, stated that improved physical function probably wouldn’t happen, and basically “just get used to it”. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this same story repeated by other patients. One thing we are losing in health care is hope. I felt really compelled to sit down right now and submit this as a blog update to tell you, the reader, don’t lose hope! We need to celebrate the achievements in life, great and small, and appreciate the fact that continued progress fosters new-found hope. Now, I know we have to be “realistic”, but is it realistic to tell an individual they will “never” walk again? When in fact months later they will WALK back into your office to show you should have NEVER said never. I like to tell my patients that the sky is the limit. God made our bodies in an amazing fashion that we can only begin to comprehend. By providing the fuel and activation necessary for survival it is amazing to see a person rally back to good health. My opinion? As long as you are breathing there is still HOPE! I still believe in miracles! I have heard it said once before that a man can live for days without food, hours without water, minutes without air, but cannot live for seconds without hope. The goal of Life Enhancement Clinic is to reignite hope in those that have lost their direction for their health. Let’s keep our hope.

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