Statin Drugs Not Effective

This article in Business Week (January 28, 2008) is an eye-opener into the fallacies and corruptness of the pharmaceutical industry. Many people are led to believe that without statin drugs they are going to “die” when the truth is the side effects of these drugs far outweigh the benefits. Cholesterol lowering is not always in your best health interests. Cholesterol is an antioxidant. Those in the geriatric population with the lowest cholesterol levels have the highest Alzheimer’s rates. Those with the lowest cholesterol levels (below 150) have increased rates of cancers. Sometimes your body elevates cholesterol as a protective mechanism. There are many underlying roots to elevated cholesterol. Looking at all of these biochemical processes is important when establish appropriate and safe interventions. One thing is for sure, high cholesterol is NOT a Lipitor deficiency. This article addresses the well known, but little publicized fact that dietary and lifestyle changes lower cholesterol BETTER than prescription drugs, with no side effects! But eating right and exercising doesn’t make the drug industry billions of dollars each year. The First Line Therapy program at LEC has been studied and published in peer-reviewed journals in direct comparison to the American Heart Association diet and has shown reduction in fourteen different markers of cardiovascular risk. Cholesterol is not the whole picture. Take charge of your health and look at all the factors that can cause lipid irregularities and treat with a natural safe alternative that does not place you at increased risk from other conditions as a result of many side effects.

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