N.E.P. Syndrome

Every year countless Americans suffer and die as the result of this tragic syndrome.  Many woman battle hormonal imbalances each day that cause them to feel tired, bloated, sick and in pain.  Many men suffer with decreased libido, poor memory and muscle aches because of the N.E.P. Syndrome.  Chances are very good that you, and many of your loved ones, suffer with N.E.P. Syndrome.  Most suffer and don’t even realize it.  That is one of the symptoms of the N.E.P. Syndrome…failure to realize your current situation.  The good news is this…you can halt the tragic effects of the N.E.P. Syndrome in your life starting right now!

Like a gas gauge, some people wait until they are "full of pain" to finally start working on their health.


So what is this N.E.P. Syndrome that robs health and vitality from those that have it?  What signs and symptoms should you be aware of to know if you are suffering with the N.E.P. Syndrome?  Let’s take a closer look.

Understanding the N.E.P. Syndrome

This stands for “Not Enough Pain” Syndrome.  Too many people put their health on the back burner because they aren’t in enough pain to do something about it.  How many warning signs in your body have you ignored because, quite simply, they don’t bother you enough?  Many treat their health like a gas gauge and when they are finally full of enough pain then they will seek medical care.  They don’t realize that have walked a long journey towards disease, ignored the road signs, and now want to have everything back to normal immediately.  It doesn’t work that way.  An ounce of prevention, truly is worth  more than a pound of cure.  

Why N.E.P. Syndrome Is So Dangerous

We are drowning in the noise of stress, toxins and malnutrition that are stealing health away from us.  Very few do what it takes to quiet the noise around them and begin listening to the signals that their body is providing.  Chronic aches, mild sleep disturbances, anxiety, mild depression, and irritable bowel are signs and symptoms that things aren’t as they should be.  This isn’t a sign you need the latest designer drug…it’s a sign that your body is out of balance.  Unfortunately, many will choose to wait until these problems turn into much larger problems: gallbladder attacks that require surgery, heart attacks that require life-saving interventions, depression that robs peace each day, gastrointestinal disturbances that lead to colon cancer, or hormonal imbalances that lead to breast cancer.

Have you ever slipped and fallen on the ice, hurt you back working around the house, or noticed you can’t quite turn your head as far as you used to?  After a few days the pain lessens, you pop some pain pills to ignore the problem, and carry on about your business.  You are slipping down the slope created by N.E.P. Syndrome.  You are compromising function, damaging soft tissues, increasing microtrauma to your muscles and ligaments, and accelerating the degenerative process in your joints.  These are warning signs that if ignored can lead to chronic myofascial pain syndromes, torn rotator cuff muscles, chronic headaches, and advanced degeneration in your spine that severely limits your motion and daily activities.

N.E.P. Syndrome is so dangerous because it causes you to put off things that require attention today.  It allows the little problems that are well managed with conservative measures to grow and fester into big problems.  It forces the diagnosis of cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and diabetes.  Had you heeded the warning signs you could have changed the path you were on.

Recovering From N.E.P. Syndrome

Current medical care does a great job managing acute disease processes: strokes, heart attacks, broken bones, etc.  However, we are failing in the realm of what affects most of Americans and that is chronic disease and accelerated metabolic aging.  Our current insurance-driven healthcare system with care dictated by the pharmaceutical injury places you on a track where you are forced to only receive care when the scales tip to overt disease.  So many people are told that they are “not quite diabetic”, “not quite high cholesterol”, “not quite hypothyroid”, but to come back in a year when it is worse and then they can start medications.  Sound crazy?  I hear about it every single day in my practice from my patients.

Why is it that someone can go for their annual exam every year and be told they are “perfectly healthy” and then in the next moment told they have colon cancer, or breast cancer, or have suffered a heart attack?  It’s because they ignored the signs and current medical training does not take into account the function of the whole body.  

You need a guide on your journey that can educate you to the warning signs and show you the risk factors in your health.  There are many valuable assessments that can be used to find out exactly where you are on the spectrum of health.  Many of these are functional tests…designed not to only identify disease or pathology…but to identify dysfunction.  Why is this important?  It is because dysfunction precedes disease!  

Our mission statement was designed to help people like yourself recover from N.E.P. Syndrome.  We are here “to restore hope and health in individuals not enjoying wellness by guiding them through cleansing, nourishing, and balancing their bodies.”

Why don’t you start taking charge of your health today!


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