What’s Stealing Your Health?

Burglar alarms…motion detectors…spotlights…deadbolts…all of this to prevent thieves from breaking into our home and stealing our valuables.  However, there are 3 main thieves that are robbing you of your health and you may not even be aware of it!  Knowing what is causing your lack of health can empower you to make the changes required to regain your health.

Watch this presentation to look at:

  1. The 3 robbers of your health and wellness

  2. The 7 symptoms that show stress is affecting you

  3. What to look for is you suspect toxin exposure is ruining your health

  4. Identifying the clues of malnutrition

  5. 7 steps you can start today to regain your health

  6. 5 things you can do to restore a foundation for health…all for less than a coffee from Starbucks


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