Lesson #5 – Yes Sir

The fifth lesson I learned from dad was respect.  I was taught to respect my parents, my teachers, authority figures and the law.  I grew up in Texas and was raised with the concept I better say, “Yes sir”, “No sir”, “Yes ma’am”, “No ma’am”.  I knew that there would be some corrective instruction later on if I were to disrespect authority or respond with an abrupt, “Yeah” when asked a question.

My dad taught us to respect my mom by living an example of respect towards her.  I was taught to respect my family, my name, my home, myself.  I was taught to respect my ability to take a stand against the wrong.

I watched my dad make multiple cross-country trips back to Texas when his parents were ill.  Out of love and respect to them he made some big sacrifices of time, energy, effort and finances to be there in their time of need.  I have the utmost respect for my dad.  He is a man that I still look up to.  I look up to him for all the lessons he taught me directly and all the lessons he taught me when he didn’t know anyone was watching.

Thanks dad!

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