Lesson #4 – Family First

Lesson #4 that my dad taught me was how to properly provide for the needs of a family.  There is only one thing that my dad places above his family and that is God.  By keeping the right perspective he has taught me the importance of keeping family at the top of my priority list.  Each day my dad would go to work and each day he would come home from work.  Sounds monotonous, but as kids we never had to wonder if dad would come home that night.  We ate supper together as a family and didn’t eat until dad came home.  We knew that dad would always come home, there would always be food on the table, and there would be a roof over our head because of his provision for his family.

As an adult, I can now realize the sacrifices my dad made by keeping his family first.  Not that being around us boys was a drudgery, but I am sure there were times something else may have seemed more enticing than spending your Tuesday night working on a science project.  My dad has always been there for me.  All those monumental moments that pave the road of life.  He was there when:

  • I learned to ride my bike without training wheels
  • I was in my school plays
  • I was graduating from high school
  • I said, “I do” to the love of my life at an altar
  • I walked across the stage to receive my Doctor of Chiropractic degree
  • When I opened the doors of my own clinic
  • When I became a dad to my first boy…then my second boy…then my little girl

I really appreciate all the “big times” he has been there for me.  I am also very appreciative of all the “little times” he has been there for me.  For example, when just the other day I called from Menards asking him his opinion on the best fencing for my garden.  Or when I call to ask that question about the car, or the grill, or the patio, or the mailbox…or really just anything.

His priorities have now passed to another generation.  He has three grandkids that absolutely adore him.  My two boys can’t wait to hang out with Paw-paw.  They love to help him around the yard, visit the Heritage Center or go to Walmart.  My dad has the ability to light up the face of my little princess.  All because he is still keeping family first and for that I am thankful.
Thanks dad!

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