Is Your Doctor Making You Fat?

We are facing an obesity epidemic…we understand that.  It seems that everyone has a solution, or a pill, or a starvation diet that will cause you to lose weight.  

  • Your medical doctor tells you to just eat a well-balanced diet and avoid any vitamins.  
  • Your retail “health store” clerk tells you to pack on muscle and burn fat with high-protein shakes laden with suspect ingredients, artificial sweeteners, and cost-cutting fillers.  
  • Your spa director tells you to laser it off with a powerful “lipo-laser”.  
  • Your surgeon tells you to tie your stomach up.  
  • Your radio host tells you to just “eat right and exercise a lot” (watch the video below for this one to make sense).
Want to lose weight? Cleanse, nourish and balance your body.


So what do you do?  Who do you listen to?  Where do you go?  I think the key to understanding how to lose weight is the understanding of what makes us fat in the first place.  Now there are 13 major factors of dis-ease that we have identified that contribute to you battling the bulge.  However, we can summarize these in three major causes of obesity:


How do these components play a role in your health, weight issues, disease risk and overall well-being?  I will spend the next few posts starting next week breaking apart the roles that stress, toxins and malnutrition play in your weight struggle.  Until then, watch the video post below, share this post and leave a comment!



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