5 Crucial Reasons You Are Still Hurting

Chances are you landed on this homepage because you are in pain and are looking for a solution.  Whether you pulled your back shoveling snow, were involved in a car accident due to icy roads, slept wrong and woke up with a headache, or hurt your back wrestling with your kids, we can offer you helpful solutions.


You don't have to suffer any longer! We can help with your pain solution.


For many people, however, they are facing chronic pain issues in their muscles, tendons and joints.  Are you waking up each day stiff, sore, and tired?  Do you feel pain in your knees and low back with just climbing down a few steps?  Do you avoid doing things you used to love doing because of the pain it will cause later?  If so, let us help.


I want to share with you 5 “must-know” and crucial reasons you are still in pain.  Our approach to your health is much different than other care you have most likely encountered.  We want to briefly show you what sets the Life Enhancement Clinic apart and why we are successful in helping people just like you stop their pain.


(1)  Unresolved Trauma / Injury


One very common reason for chronic pain is an injury or trauma that was not treated properly.  Conventional medicine teaches us to use pain as the only indicator of health status.  So if you are injured and go in medically the treatment is usually ibuprofen, Tylenol, and some prescription muscle relaxants.  Oh, they may throw in some recommendations for gentle stretching and use of ice and heat, but that is about it.  They will tell you that you will be out of pain in a couple of weeks.  That is true.  However, there is no discussion on the type of tissue that is left behind as the injury resolves.

The resolution of inflammation is scar tissue, or fibrotic tissue.  This tissue isn’t as elastic, pliable and healthy as normal muscles, tendons and connective tissue.  It is rigid, hard and unbending and affects movement in other areas of the body.   The good news is that you can greatly affect the quality of the tissue that is healing as the result of an injury through natural means.  The bad news is that most people are being told this.

As a matter of fact, did you know that taking over-the-counter pain relievers actually accelerates joint damage?!  Not to mention the harmful effects on your liver, kidneys and stomach, but now you add further joint damage to the equation.  I specialize in safe, natural and effective ways to prevent scar tissue formation after an injury, as well as ways to effectively manage old injuries that were poorly managed and have lead to your current pain problem.


(2) Neglecting Brain Balance


It is not hard for most people to understand and realize that your brain controls everything in your body.  Your brain governs posture, movement, muscle tone, and flexibility.  If you have joints in your spine or extremities that are fixated and not moving properly then you are negatively affecting the balance of your brain.  This altered input from abnormal joint function will translate as poor output with motor control.  This means that your body will compensate by holding your muscles and joints in continued degrees of restriction.  This places further stress on other areas and there is a continued breakdown of movement in other areas.

This is one reason why so many people start developing headaches and upper back tightness after old ankle injuries.  The entire kinetic chain is altered and affected.  You start to lose the good information and the pain gating mechanisms your body is designed to have are lost.  Now you experience pain more regularly and with less cause for pain.  Your brain has literally become rewired to transmit pain signals more efficiently.

As a chiropractic neurologist I specialize in brain balancing techniques to help get you out of pain.  We have developed our entire approach around our “Stop the Pain. Balance the Brain” concept.  If you want to truly be free of pain you must consider the overall contribution of your brain.

If your current chiropractor simply adjusts “both sides of everything” then they are not considering the impact they are having on your brain and you could be setting yourself up for future problems.  We are very aware of the importance of providing the right stimulus to the body, at the right intensity and frequency to yield the greatest results.  Using a functional neurological examination lets us know exactly how you are responding to the treatment.  This is important for monitoring progress and designing treatment plans.


(3) Stress Causes Pain


It is a well-known fact that chronic stress can lead to chronic pain through many different pathways.  Whether it be the fact that stress causes deficiency in magnesium, or decreases serotonin and other neurotransmitter levels, or leads to overall trace mineral deficiency…stress causes pain.  There are many contributing factors to an abnormal stress response.  We have many ways of evaluating your stress response and positively affecting the impact it is having on your health.

Many patients can obtain great relief from their pain by addressing the issues identified with an Adrenal Stress Index which evaluates the markers of your stress hormones.  By balancing your hormones, managing your stress response, and aligning your spine you can achieve consistent improvement in your health and well-being.


(4)  Toxins Cause Pain


We are literally bathed in a sea of toxins.  In the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we get we are exposed to tens of thousands of chemicals, toxins and heavy metals.  This exposure and increased burden not only increases our risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer, but it can also increase muscle pain, joint aches, exacerbate fibromyalgia, and lead to chronic pain.

Toxins disrupt how your body manufactures energy…and it takes a lot of energy be healthy and vital.  I have advanced clinical training in safe, effective, and natural detoxification support.  I am not referring to a lot of the “fad” detox programs available online, in health food stores, and even some clinics.  I am referencing the scientifically-proven and acceptable way to support Phase I, Phase II and Phase III of toxin biotransformation and elimination.  Our results are consistent, reproducible and measurable.  We can take someone with abnormal cholesterol levels, elevated liver enzymes, altered hormones, or abnormal blood sugar levels and see these objective tests improve with our clinical treatment approach.

The more toxic you are, the more acidic you are, the more pain you are in.  We can show you easy ways to monitor and treat your acid-alkaline balance at home.  One of the biggest reasons you may be in continual pain and discomfort is because you are toxic or you tried a “fad detox program” that did more harm than good.


(5)  Malnutrition Causes Pain


I am not talking the “starving kids in Africa” form of malnutrition.  I am talking about the micronutrient deficiencies that I see every single day in practice that are contributing to patient’s pain syndromes.  So many are taking multiple drugs which deplete micronutrients.  They are taking acid blockers which inhibit absorption of vital trace minerals.  They consume the Standard American Diet (SAD) that leaches life-promoting nutrients from your body.  They have sarcopenic obesity which means regardless of weight they have too little lean muscle mass which increases chronic pain and increases risk of all cause mortality.

Your body cannot give what it does not have.  You cannot heal your muscles, ligaments, joints, and spine if you are not providing sufficient building blocks.  One of the reasons you are still hurting is because you may be malnourished.


The Life Enhancement Clinic Approach


Our approach is unique in the fact that we consider you as a whole person.


Our approach is thorough in the fact that we identify all the underlying risk factors associated with your condition and teach you how you can make the appropriate changes.


Our approach is active in the fact that you become an active participant in regaining your health, not simply a  passive by-stander being run through the medical machinery.


I understand you have many options for chiropractors in the Bismarck/Mandan area.  If you have been suffering with pain and not finding answers, then why don’t you go ahead and call our office at 701-323-0266 to set up an appointment.  If, after reviewing our site and the new patient information, you are still not sure if the Life Enhancement Clinic is the best fit for your needs, I encourage you to set up a 10-minute complimentary consultation to discuss options.  If you decide not to pursue care with the Life Enhancement Clinic I would invite you to join our email newsletter and follow us on Facebook so you can receive valuable health information and tips.


You don’t have to be in pain any longer!  Call right now!



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