13 Factors of Dis-Ease

Have you ever wondered how someone could be told they are “healthy” year after year at their annual exam, only to “suddenly” find out they have cancer…or have a heart attack…or develop diabetes?  Conventional medicine is designed to look at overt disease and pathology.  They do not look at dysfunction.  Yet dysfunction precedes disease!

Dysfunction precedes disease.

Failing to look for warning signs and risk markers leads to undue expense and pain down the road.  The majority of what ails us, at least 80% or greater, can be identified with root causes in one of these 13 areas.  “Dis-Ease”, or dysfunction here, can lead to overt disease down the road.  The symptoms you are experiencing


We consider these 13 factors in each of our patients.  Whether your primary complaint is headaches, fatigue, irritable bowel, or whatever the case may be…you may find the 13 factors of dis-ease at work disrupting your health.  By identifying the obstacles, you can remove the obstacles, and allow your body to regain optimal health.  So what are these 13 factors?

  1. Stress

  2. Toxins

  3. Blood Sugar Dysregulation

  4. Oxidative Stress

  5. Hormone / Neurotransmitter Imbalances

  6. Structural Dysfunction

  7. Food Reactions

  8. Inflammation

  9. Immune / Infection Imbalances

  10. Heavy Metal Toxicity

  11. Digestion Problems

  12. Methylation Faults

  13. Mitochondria

Many people suffer needlessly because they fail to work with a clinician that is trained to evaluate and treat these dysfunctions.  So many people are lead to believe that they only have to take a “magic pill” or have a risky surgery performed to meet their health goals.  Most of the time this is not true.  Before you do something that has serious potential consequences, first evaluate each of these areas of your health.  Treatment in these areas can be safe, natural and most importantly…effective!

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