Frustration. I think this is something that everyone feels at one time or another.

Do you ever feel frustrated on your health journey?

Think of all you have to get done in a day…

  • Wake the kids up for school
  • Pack backpacks, lunch boxes, and homework folders
  • Commute to work or serve as your family’s official “taxi service”
  • Run to the grocery store
  • Get Johnny to soccer and Susie to dance at the same time in two different locations
  • Try to cook a quick supper you hope is healthy
  • Bathe the kids
  • Feed the dog
  • Get ready to repeat tomorrow

So many people get frustrated trying to fit exercise, healthy eating, stress management, and personal development activities into their already packed schedule. Combine this with confusing, contradictory, misleading, and misguided “health” news in the media and people begin to feel their efforts are in vain.


Where to start? Who to listen to? What’s safe to take? What’s a waste of money? What really works?


You might get so frustrated with the information overload, the choices and unknown consequences, and the misinformation from the industry funded “experts” that you think why even try eating healthy. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t have to be so hard. Healthy eating is really quite simple. In reality, the simpler your diet…the healthier you are.


We have just become so disconnected as to what real food is. We need to get back to the basics of healthy eating and lifestyle to stop the epidemic of chronic diseases that are plaguing us. You can make small changes each day that will add up to big changes for your health improvement. Let me share with you a couple of quick, easy, and practical ideas.


  1. Know your starting point – schedule to have a BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) run to measure your lean muscle mass, your body fat percent and your fluid distribution. This gives you an objective measure as to the progress you are making on any program or lifestyle change you are implementing.
  2. Download our free report on 8 Simple Steps to Healthy Eating by signing up for our newsletter. You can do this to the right of this post.
  3. Add these books to your libraryIn Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, UltraMind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman, the Amen Solution by Dr. Daniel Amen and the Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman. These offer practical, scientifically valid, and nutritionally sound advice that you can use to improve your health with diet and lifestyle.
  4. Start a health/wellness journal and track your diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management. Use this to identify trends for when you feel good…and those times when you might fall off the wagon.
  5. Write down 3 simple goals each week. Every Sunday night, write down three things that you will work on the next week. Be specific. It might be working on increasing your vegetable intake, drinking more water, cutting out pop, or taking longer walks. Whatever you feel you can do…do!

Don’t get so frustrated you quit trying! Your health is worth it. Your life is worth it. You are worth it!


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1 thought on “Frustrated?”

  1. Gregg recently informed us of GMO, so we have been ordering bulk organic. I still have all my gluetin free baking mixes and products in my pantry and wonder if they are actually healthy as they are not non GMO. What is better- organic wheat or non organic gluetin free foods? On that same note- what would be better to eat organic corn chips or non organic grains? Is organic corn healthy? We got the organic mixed veggies, but they have so much corn in the mix. What about organic tortillas- I have tried to get my family off wheat and Trent now says getting off GMO is more importaint than getting off wheat.
    Is buckwheat a true wheat- gluetin containing or can it be eaten often like oatmeal?
    What are the top 1-3 beans to eat? We eat lots of rice and beans.
    What about cheese? Is there a source of healthy cheese or should it still be eaten in small quantities?
    Last question- my 9- year old has not really grown in 2 years, so I now have him eat a certain list of foods daily( spinache, carrots, brocolli, cashews, apples..) and little to no empty calorie foods. I also have been feeding him 1/2 LB of the organic grass fed beef hamburger per day.
    Yet he still is not growing. We took him to get x-rays and they said his organs are fine but his bones are only 7- years old. Do you think I should still be feeding him all that beef per day as he only weighs about 50 LB. He had his blood work done also and everything was fine. Would you be able to test him on anything else or do you suggest any suppliments for him? He is already on the daily multi and takes 1/2 scoop of daily greens.

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