Lower Blood Pressure After Wellness Week!

Nila is a wonderful lady that was having difficulty with weight loss.  On our initial examination we also found that her blood pressure was too high.  She had a 30 point reduction in blood pressure after her Wellness Week!  

She says that the first 3 days of the program were easy for her, but then it got to be tough.  She gives some great advice about how she worked through her week.  Watch what she has to say below.

Nila also shared some great points with me that I want to share with you.

(1)  She had the full support of her husband.  She told me that he would even eat supper before coming home from work to make it easier on her.  Having the support of your spouse while regaining your health is huge!  He understands she needed to do this and a 30 point reduction in blood pressure reduces her risk of heart attacks and stroke.

(2)  She said that she is normally one that “forgets to eat” but when seeing all the commercials on television her desire to eat increased.  What is being advertised on television for food is junk food and fast food that will lead to the development of chronic disease.  Turn off the TV, read a book, watch a movie and go exercise to improve your health.  There are many great documentaries available to watch…such as Food Matters, Food Inc, etc that are motivational and informative.

(3)  At the end of her appointment she also dropped by to show off her newest addition to her home…a 2 pound Yorkie that she has fallen in love with.  Caring for her puppy is a her hobby that provides enjoyment and stress relief.  Find something that you like to do…unwind…and relax!

If you are struggling with blood pressure issues consider a Wellness Week that is tailored to your specific needs.  You can reduce your risk of disease and start improving your health…just like Nila did!

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