Deal Breaker #2 – Hypoxia Due to Acidity

We know that the brain and body require oxygen, fuel and activation to have optimal function.  We are still discussing areas that you must address regarding ensuring that your brain and body are getting enough oxygen. So far we have talked about the impact of mitochondria on oxygen delivery, the importance of proper rib motion for breathing and oxygen, and the importance of identifying and treating any underlying anemia.  Today we are going to discuss perhaps the number one cause of hypoxia (low oxygen) and that is too much acid.

Everything in your body produces acid.  Make sure your lifestyle provides sufficient buffer.
Everything in your body produces acid. Make sure your lifestyle provides sufficient buffer.

Before we get too far along in this conversation let me tell you this right now.  When I am talking about acid here I am not referring to your stomach acid production, but rather the metabolic acid waste by-products of all your cells just living and making energy.  People who suffer with acid reflux symptoms are told that they have too much acid, when in reality they don’t have enough acid…stomach acid.  You can watch this presentation where we discuss how the valves of the stomach work and why you feel acid reflux when your stomach acid levels are too low.

You have 100 trillion cells in your body.  The majority of these cells are constantly producing energy, drawing in nutrients and excreting wastes. They are their own little communities and have all the day-to-day activities required just to live.  Take, for example, the simple act of breathing.  Each breath delivers oxygen to the cells of your entire body (granted you aren’t anemic).  As oxygen enters the cells, carbon dioxide is exchanged.  The carbon dioxide waste combines with water in the fluids outside the cells and creates carbonic acid.  This is an acid, that in addition to free oxygen, can cause damage to the cell.  Fortunately, our bodies are designed to buffer this acid.  In this case we use primarily a bicarbonate buffer to neutralize this acid and protect the cells.  This happens every moment of your existence and is only one ways of literally thousands of ways that waste products are produced within the body.

So what happens if your buffer systems fail?

What happens if you produce more waste than you can remove?  

If this happens you start to damage the cells, you injure the cell membranes and you compromise the integrity of the cell’s health…and the health of your entire body.  Not a good situation.  This process of excess acid is an unfortunate truth for many, many people struggling with chronic pain and illnesses.  This abnormal balance is also one of the major reasons people struggle with hypoxia (low oxygen) in the body.  If you are overly acidic, you are robbing proper oxygen from your tissues and they break down.  

This cell injury is bad enough, but all autoimmunity is preceded by cell injury.  This means you are setting the stage for developing an autoimmune disease.

Cell injury precedes autoimmunity

One of the easiest, cheapest and simplest ways to measure your overall acid burden is to use a saliva pH challenge test.  This test is very simple and can be done at home.  We use this test in our office on a regular basis.  You start by measuring the initial pH of your saliva with pH paper.  You then take an oral challenge of lemon juice (acid) and immediately measure the pH difference.  After this you record the pH changes each minute for the next five minutes.  The reaction of your individual graph can provide clues to your mineral balance and acid load.  If your buffer is severely depleted you will see this reflected in your graph.

I have patients that come in with very severe buffer depletion.  These same patients are fighting cancer, chronic pain, recovering from heart attacks…in other words they are pretty sick folks.  This is the most important parameter to start working on.  It can take a long time to change, but unless this changes you can’t STOP BN SICK.  In this case the best treatment is prevention.  

Since cancer requires (1) low oxygen, (2) low nutrients and (3) high acid to survive, the best way to prevent cancer is to provide (1) good oxygen delivery, (2) high nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and (3) buffer the acid in the body with alkalizing plant-based nutrients.

I strongly believe that every person (kids included) should be taking a high-quality multiple vitamin/mineral, omega-3 fatty acids (fish oils), plant-based superfoods, vitamin D and a probiotic.  We have called this our Foundational Five.  I have a video of my boys (Ethan and Ayden) when they were two-years-old drinking their Dynamic Greens.  They are now 8 and 5 years old and they are still taking their Dynamic Greens.

Do you want to lower acid, reduce your risk of cancer, reduce your chance of having a heart attack, decrease your risk of developing autoimmune disease, or reduce the speed of brain degeneration?  

Then you should, at bare minimum, take one packet of Wellness Essentials and one scoop of Dynamic Greens every single day.  Doubtful?  Try it for 90 days.  You can change the expression of over 500 genes in 90 days.  In 90 days of incorporating quality nutrients and alkalizing support, see if you don’t start feeling more energy, sleeping better, having less pain and enjoying a better mood in 90 days.  

Make it a life long commitment for you and your entire family!


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