Add In. Crowd Out.

Being healthy requires diligence, perseverance, patience and proper perspective.  It’s easy to get hung up on all the things you “can’t” do.  Instead of focusing with a negative slant on health improvement, change your perspective to something more positive.

Start adding in good things and before you know it the bad things just don’t have any room in your life any more.

Here’s some little steps you can make to see some great leaps in your health over time.

Take one day each week to sit down and plan out your week.  I like to do this on Sunday evenings where I can relax with a cup of coffee, the kids can play quietly and I can reflect on the past week and plan for the upcoming week.

During this weekly review and planning session set realistic and achievable goals for yourself.  Be specific.  Write down how much and what type of exercise you will do each day.  Write down your menu plan for each meal during the entire week and keep a shopping list on the side to help you as you plan.  While planning this menu commit to one new food that you are going to try a couple of times the following week.  This might be a new fruit, a new vegetable, a new legume…make sure it’s real food and try it!

Commit to adding in more water each day.  Commit to going to bed 15 minutes earlier each day.  Make small changes each week that are geared towards ADDING IN healthy lifestyle changes.  As you go along each week you are adding more and more good behavior and lifestyle changes into your week and, as a result, are crowding out many of the bad habits that are leading to pain and dysfunction.

Focus on adding things in and many times the crowding out takes care of itself.  Small changes add up.  As the old saying states, “the way you eat an elephant is one bite at a time.”  If you can eat an elephant that way…surely you can eat some broccoli the same way…one bite at a time!

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