Eating Healthy. Feeling Worse?

Have you ever started a healthy lifestyle change program…only to feel worse?  Some people get frustrated because they start eating right, they start exercising and they cut out junk food and then start feeling worse in some cases.  This causes them to think they should have never tried improving their health in the first place…or, that they should just continue on eating the double cheeseburgers and drinking the Mountain Dew.

In this presentation I want to outline the starting point for health in our office…the Modified Elimination Diet.  I also want to instruct you in some reasons you may actually be feeling worse and not better when you initially start a health program.  

This is designed to educate and inform you so you can have the motivation required to connect with your optimal health goals.  My goal for you after watching this video is that you will stop waving the white towel of surrender, and instead, place it on your lap, for a napkin,  as you dig into a plate of fresh fruits and vegetables!  I hope this video helps you out.

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  1. I was super impressed with the daily greens and daily suppliments your office sells. I have sold vitamins before thru MLM groups before and did not continue as I was not absolutely certain that they really worked and were worth the cost. I really notice the difference in the daily greens especially. I tested if they would work for my body- as it is pricey to have a family of 6 all taking the multi vitamins as well as daily greens. It is a huge investement but worth it as I am convinced that it works. This is how I tested it- I took the suppliments for 2- weeks and ate foods that normally make me feel tired, sick, depressed, etc… I normally cannot eat carbs and sugar without needing a nap within a few hours of consumption. While on the daily greens and suppliments, I indulged in pizza, pancakes, baked goods and other meals that I normally never eat. I thought that if they really worked then I could eat poorly and not get my typical carb crash. I ate processed foods the 2 weeks and still felt strong and energetic due to the suppliments. I cannot wait to see how I will feel eating healthy while taking Metagenic suppliments.

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