The Solution to Pollution is Dilution – Part 3 of 7

We’re moving on in our discussion of homotoxicology (how toxins affect humans) and this third phase is the deposition phase.  There is where the excess metabolic acids and toxins that are not removed via excretion or reaction phases are deposited in the extracellular component.  This is your body’s attempt to sequester these harmful compounds to prevent them from interacting with your delicate metabolic pathways.

Increasing the fluid in your extracellular compartments is one way your body attempts to buffer excess metabolic acid and toxins.

This storage of toxins in the extracellular space can manifest as:

  • nasal polyps
  • intestinal polyps
  • gallbladder and kidney stones
  • lymph node swelling
  • gout
  • arteriosclerosis

One way we monitor changes in the extracellular compartment is with the use of bioelectrical impedance analysis.  This simple test can measure your lean muscle mass, your total body fat, and total body water.  From this we can also calculate your basal metabolic rate, your body mass index, and a global marker of overall health called the phase angle.

This problem can be remedied with a physician-supervised detoxification program using an approved medical food.  By supporting how your body is able to biotransform your toxins via your liver and your kidneys, you can directly impact this extracellular component.  Here’s a quick fact.  One liter of fluid is about 2.2 pounds of weight.  We will have patients present with 4-8 liters of fluid in excess that they are lugging around with them.  That’s equivalent to holding onto 8-17 extra pounds of toxic fluid!  Remember, the solution to pollution is dilution.  We will monitor this and will see an average of 1-4 liters excreted in just one week with a healthy detox support program.

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