Pleasure or Pain?

 It has been said that we are either…

     …pursuing pleasure…or…

     …fleeing pain.

 What are you doing?

 What are you running from?

 Is your health allowing you pursue your dreams, goals, ambitions, and aspirations?


 Is your health robbing you of opportunities, treasures, and memories?


Do you live each day with a constant pain that affects your mood, behavior and attitude?  Do people stop inviting you along because either you are too sick to go, or because you are no fun to be around?

If so then you are living your life fleeing pain…and that gets real old…real fast.

Do you live each day excited to get out of bed?  Excited to work on the things you are passionate about…excited to fulfill your life purpose and help those around you.  If so you know that pursuing pleasure is a much more enjoyable way to live.

If healthy eating habits are a burden then you are probably fleeing pain.  If trying new foods is exciting then you are probably pursuing pleasure.

If your wallet is emptied on medications, pain relievers, and junk food then you are probably fleeing pain.  If you spend your money on real food, quality supplements, and wellness care for your health then you are probably pursuing pleasure.

So…are you pursuing…or are you fleeing?

The good news?

The choice is all yours.

I close with Aristotle’s statement, “Health is a matter of choice, not a mystery of chance.”


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