Magnificent Seven: Think Right – Take Time to Say Thanks

Today is the day we have set aside to honor those brave men and women that have so nobly served this great country.  We enjoy freedoms that were not free.  What a fitting way to finish up the Magnificent Seven portion of “Think Right” by incorporating a daily tool that will help you to think right.  I am talking about taking time each day to say thanks.

The simple act of saying thank you to someone you appreciate is quickly falling by the wayside.  I watch each day as children, young people and adults are given something with no word from the recipient.  This attitude of unthankfulness is not healthy.  The more you say thanks, the more your attitude changes to one of thanksgiving.  This act goes hand-in-hand with the Gratitude Journal.  Learn to be thankful.

  • Say thanks to a veteran today.  Thank them for their service and dedication so you can live in a free country.
  • Thank your spouse for the home cooked meal prepared when you get home.
  • Thank your spouse for the shoveled driveway and sidewalk.
  • Thank your children for being kind and showing respect.
  • Thank your waiter/waitress for bringing you more water.
  • Thank your postman for delivering your mail each day.
  • Thank your health care team for being concerned about you.

We could go on and on.  Once you starting looking for things to be thankful for the list is endless.  The great thing about thankfulness?  It never overstays its welcome.

Thanks for reading.

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