Magnificent Seven: Think Right – Kill the A.N.T’s

Defeating negative self-talk is probably one of the most difficult things people have to overcome on the road to wellness.  Dr. Daniel Amen writes about these negative thoughts in many of his books.  He teaches that we need to learn to kill the ANT’s (automatic negative thoughts).

Automatic thoughts of self-defeat can creep in on a regular basis hindering our ability to fully heal physically and mentally.  Dr. Amen identifies a couple of scenarios that people need to control to protect their health…and their brains.

Mind Reading

This is when you just “know” someone is thinking negative things about you.  You may be in the middle of a small group, or the middle of the grocery store, and you feel that those around you are thinking bad things about you.  This is an ANT…kill it.

Fortune Telling

This is predicting a bad outcome before you ever try something.  This is a very common ANT.  People are frustrated with themselves for all the failed diets, the failed exercise plans and failed lifestyle changes.  When you begin to talk to them about a road to wellness they “predict” that they won’t be able to do this either.  This is a very defeating ANT…kill it.

Guilt Beatings

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT beat yourself up over past mistakes.  Take those mistakes and learn from them.  Don’t beat yourself up because you “didn’t know how to get healthy fifteen years ago and now you are so sick”.  Be glad you are learning how to make healthy choices now and move on.  Beating yourself up is a bully ANT…kill it.

Always or Never Thinking

I am reminded often by my wife, don’t use the words “always” or “never”.  Most of the time whatever you are attaching these descriptors too, just isn’t true.  Some have failed at weight loss so they say they will always be fat.  Others have failed at eating right so they will never be healthy.  This is an over exaggerated ANT…kill it.

Change the way you think.  Change the way you live.  Learn to kill the ANTs.

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