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Every time something passes your lips it will have some sort of impact on your health.  It has been said that we are digging our graves with our forks, and sadly, for many this is true.

What you eat must become part of you.  It must be able to transmit life to keep you alive.  It must be able to talk right to transmit healthy messages.  It must provide nutrients to replenish what is lost just from daily life.  Food is important and what you eat does matter.

Let’s take the 4-month old hamburger and fries I have on display in my office.  On July 5, 2010 I bought a kids Happy Meal with fries from McDonald’s.  This burger and fries has been sitting out on display since then.  No mold.  No bugs.  No life.  There are so many preservatives used in the manufacture of this “bionic burger” that it seemingly will last forever.  Unfortunately, too many people consume junk food like this every single day of their life!  When you eat food that is devoid of nutrients and “dead” you can expect to be depleted and worn down.  Just as your car can’t drive on an empty fuel tank, your body can’t function without proper organ reserve.

Make it a rule to eat food that spoils…just eat it before it does.  Most foods with labels should be avoided, especially when you can’t read half the words on there.  Greater than 70% of processed foods in your grocery store contain genetically modified ingredients.  Mutant ingredients with known health risks that are consumed on a daily basis.  Talk about one giant science experiment and we’re the rats!

Eat a variety of colors every day.  Eat as fresh foods as possible.  Choose the cleanest foods you can.  Remember every time your fork or spoon crosses your lips you are sending your body a multitude of messages.  Make sure you talk right by choosing foods that talk right.

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