Magnificent Seven: Talk Right – Check the Water

Our body consists of mostly water.  In essence we carry our own “pond” around with us.  The purer our water is, the healthier we are.  The more stagnant the water, the sicker we are.  You can affect the quality of your personal water and by doing so improve the ability of your body to “talk right”.

I many times use the analogy of Lake Sakakawea with my patients.  This large, beautiful lake located in North Dakota is a well-known hangout for most ND residents.  If you have ever visited Lake Sakakawea, or any other lake for that matter, chances are at some time or another you’ve done some rock-skipping.  Young and old alike enjoy skipping rocks or just throwing rocks into the water.

Even now you can picture an image of choosing the proper sized rock and throwing it into the water, watching it skip or splash producing ripples across the surface of the water.  The size of the rock has an impact on the water’s surface and you can watch the waves transmit across the small region of lake water.

But what would happen if you took the same rock to the same lake and threw it in the same spot…in mid-February when the lake is frozen solid?  There would be no response.  The frozen ice would reject the rock.  It would take a larger rock to try and break through the layer of ice to impact the water below.

Think of this when it comes to your body’s water.  Imagine that instead of being a rock it’s thyroid hormone, insulin, cortisol, or some other important messenger.  If the water is healthy, clean, pure and mobile then the “rock” (hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters, etc) can have the desired effect and communicate effectively.  If, however, there are negative changes in your water…think frozen lake…then it will take a bigger “rock” (hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters, etc) to have any effect.  You can only increase the size so much and you can only increase the number so much before the body gives out.

The more acidic we are, the more inflammatory our body, the more junk we feed ourselves will continue to negatively affect our water.  Everything will stop working properly.  You will get sick.  So rather than taking a handful of medications to mask the symptoms, recognize the symptoms for what they are…your body’s attempt at regulating itself.  If you want to change your health…check the water.

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