Magnificent Seven: Talk Right – Acid/Alkaline Balance

Everything we do produces acid.  Everything.  The metabolism that occurred to drive the energy pathways necessary for you to read this sentence have produced an acid by-product.  The oxygen that you have breathed in, as it courses through your body and exchanges oxygen for carbon dioxide, produces an acid by-product.  If you are munching on some snacks (and since you are reading about the Magnificent Seven I am sure that it is something like broccoli and cauliflower) you are producing acid by-product as a result of the energy demands associated with digestion.

With all the acid being produced on a continual basis your body has adapted many different mechanisms that are effective in buffering this acid.  The stronger our buffering capacity, the healthier we are.  Disease conditions begin when we lose the ability to buffer appropriately.  We should be getting adequate buffering nutrients from our diet and supplements.  When we don’t our body is forced to turn on itself and pull the vital elements from bone or muscle.  Consider osteoporosis as a disruption that often times begins with an imbalance in the acid/alkaline systems of the body.

As our bodies become progressively more acid we begin to breakdown from the inside out.  It takes higher concentration of hormone to have the effect that less amounts used to have.  It takes a higher concentration of enzymes to allow life giving metabolic processes to occur.  In other words more demand is placed on a depleted system.  People begin to lose their organ reserve.

A diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables and adequate in buffering minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium can help achieve optimal pH balance.  On a side note, I mentioned magnesium as a buffer…one of the major intracellular buffers…and guess what?  Magnesium is depleted in times of stress.  We live in a chronically stressed environment which is constantly depleting our resources, but we are putting nothing good back into our body to rebuild and heal.

Living the “Magnificent Seven Lifestyle” will help you achieve optimal pH range each day.

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