Magnificent Seven: Sleep Right – Put Out the Fire

Chances are you’ve at least heard of inflammation.  You have most definitely experienced inflammation.  Let’s use the pain and inflammation associated with an ingrown toenail.  It’s red, it’s tender to the touch and it makes your life miserable.   But that is just a focal problem.  What happens when you have body-wide, or systemic, inflammation?  You hurt all over.  Your joints hurt.  Your back hurts.  Your muscles ache.  Your life is just miserable.



Systemic inflammation has been linked as a contributing factor to every known disease.  Depressed?  Think inflammation.  Fatigued? Think inflammation.  Diabetes?  Think inflammation.  Heart disease?  Think…well, you get the picture.  You can try to douse the flames with piperine, ginger, boswellia, turmeric, or essential fatty acids.  These are all very important in the inflammatory cascade.  However, if you aren’t sleeping well you are just going to burn right through them.  Not sleeping is the most inflammatory thing you can do against your health. Want to put out the fires of inflammation?  Improve your sleep.  Stop burning the midnight oil, get to bed at a decent time and start putting out the fires that are making you feel crummy.

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