Magnificent Seven: Drink Right – How Often?

Your body recycles the equivalent of 40,000 glasses of water each day just to maintain normal physiological functions!  This leaves us about 6-10 glasses of water short each day.  This deficit needs to be replaced.  The recommendations are 1/2 your weight in ounces of water, but should you just drink that all at one time?  No.

You should sip your water throughout the day.  Water should really be consumed in 4-16 ounce portions spaced throughout the entire day.  Water should be taken first thing in the morning to correct the dehydration producing during the long sleep period.  Water should be consumed before exercise to have it available for creating sweat.  And if you are constipated, two to three glasses of water right away in the morning is a great natural laxative.

One of the biggest aversions patients tell me they have with increasing water is that “I will have to go to the bathroom all the time.”  First, your body will adjust to the changes in time and that frequency will diminish, especially when you space it out properly throughout the day.  Secondly, elimination via feces and urine is there to get rid of waste and toxins.  Going to the bathroom regularly for urine excretion is a good thing.  Now, if you have excessive thirst/hunger and are peeing all the time get checked for diabetes…but that is another topic.

I have found that the easiest way to get daily water in throughout the day is to carry a stainless steel water bottle.  Make sure that it is stainless steel (not aluminum) and keep it filled and nearby all day.  Even my 5-year-old takes his stainless steel water bottle with him to kindergarten class so he can sip his water throughout the morning.  Since one of the side effects of dehydration is poor learning and concentration, I think this is a great idea for all kids to use.  If you choose a hard plastic bottle make sure that it is BPA-free.

Do you have any suggestions for increasing daily water throughout the day?  If so post your comments below.

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