Lesson #7 – A Good Name

Lesson #7 I learned from my dad isn’t the last of lessons he has taught me, but it is the last of lessons in the blog series.  This lesson is one that has guided my life, decisions and thought processes more than anything else.  My dad taught me the importance of the Proverb, “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.”  My dad, more than anything, is a man of integrity and man of his word.  If my dad tells you that he will do something for you, or has done something for you, then you can count on it.  His word is his word.  My dad has taught me that handshakes still matter.

In my life I have been faced with situations, business ventures, or the like that would have compromised my integrity.  There were times that I had to take the “high road” and stay in the right, even if it cost me more, wasn’t as good for the bottom line, or placed me in an economic or business disadvantage.  The decisions I made were based on this lesson and my dad would also be there encouraging me I had made the right decisions.  After some time would pass it would become obvious to me that integrity would once again win out.  I want to have a clean conscience, be able to look at myself in the mirror and sleep well at night knowing that I have kept a good name rather than compromise for fleeting riches.

There are things that we don’t do, or may not participate in at our house.  I tell my boys we don’t do this because we are “Sefcik’s”.  I try to teach life lessons  on integrity and honor and representation of our family name.  I want my dad to know that I see him with the greatest respect for his integrity, and I want my boys to look at me with that same respect.

Dad, I hope you have an awesome Father’s Day.  Thanks for all you have taught me.  You’re a hero to me and a hero to the kids.  We love you!

Thanks Dad for taking the time to plant good things in my life!

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