I’m Sorry, But Your Tests Came Back… – Part 6 of 7

Cancer.  This word strikes fear in the heart of doctors and patients alike.  Unfortunately almost all of us have been impacted by the dreaded fight of cancer by a spouse, relative, or close friend.  There is an increase in cancer rates and more people are being diagnosed every day.  The silver lining on this dark cloud, however, is this…the majority of cancers that affect us are diet and lifestyle related.  This means that by making appropriate lifestyle and dietary choices, early enough in life, you can prevent most cancers.

No matter what you are facing…look for the silver lining and maintain hope!

Our increased exposure to toxins, the contamination of our food and water supply, our poorly managed stress, sedentary lifestyle, intoxication with harmful medications, and overall malnourishment increase our risk of developing cancer.  No one wants to go to their doctor’s office and hear they have cancer.  Yet the time to make changes is right now!    You must take health into your own hands.  Unfortunately too many people are walking around anemic, with elevated cholesterol, suffering with abnormal blood sugars, are overweight, battling inflammation and toxins, and are being told it’s all just “normal”.  You keep going down this path until you end up in this final stage of homotoxicology…the dedifferentiation of cells into cancer.

You don’t have to end up in this phase.  There are so many warning indicators and alerts that you can pay attention to and deal with before getting to this stage.  Don’t let someone tell you that your acid indigestion is “normal” and just take some acid-blockers.  Don’t let someone tell you that your iron deficiency anemia, vitamin D deficiency, and mildly elevated liver enzymes is “nothing to worry about”.  Take control now!  Make the appropriate changes now!

Imagine right now you are waiting in the doctor’s office waiting for the results of your recent medical testing.  What would you do if the diagnosis of cancer came back?  Thankfully, most can make changes right now to prevent from ever hearing those words.  Act today!

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