4 Reasons You Can’t Sleep

Frustrated by not sleeping?

2:00 AM

2:15 AM

3:21 AM

4:07 AM

4:45 AM

5:30 AM

6:45 AM – Alarm goes off.

Let’s face it, if you see these times on your bedside clock each night…then you are frustrated by poor sleep.  

If you are aware that 4:00 comes twice a day…then you are frustrated by poor sleep.  In other words, too many people are up at 4:00 AM with sleep problems when they should be off sawing logs!

Sleep disturbances are a big problem that place you at increased risk of disease.  If you are having problems with sleeping then take some time to listen to this podcast where I will show you four reasons you can’t sleep.  More importantly, I will give you some ways that you can treat this safely, naturally and effectively.

I’d love to hear your comments on this podcast.  Was it useful for you?  Did you find benefit by incorporating some of these recommendations?  Please let us know!

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