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Vitamin D status has been published in mainstream media for some time now.  Most everyone knows that the importance of normal vitamin D levels are important for good health.  Not only is vitamin D important in bone health, mood, and musculoskeletal health, but there are also other areas of new research.

In a recent study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2008, that showed only 22% of the 637 residents of Southern Arizona had optimal vitamin D levels.  Considered optimal was any 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood levels over 30 Ng/ml, which is considered low by many researchers and practitioners.

The May 21, 2009 Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry reported that 3,369 men with higher vitamin D levels performed better on a test of attention and speed of information processing.  Vitamin D supplementation also reduces pain levels in patients with diabetic neuropathy according to a recent research letter out of the Archives of Internal Medicine 2008.  It showed that at the end of 3 months, vitamin D treatment reduced pain scores by 39-49%.

Vitamin D upregulates production of human cathelicidin, LL-37, which has both antimicrobial and antiendotoxin activities.  Vitamin D also reduces proinflammatory cytokines which is useful since the H1N1 virus creates a cytokine storm.

If you don’t know your vitamin D levels it would be in your best health interest to have them checked.  Ask your provider to measure your 25(OH)D levels and realize that optimal levels are closer to 55-60 than the “normal” ranges established with conventional medicine.  Don’t let your geographic location lull you into false sense of security with normal vitamin D levels.  If you have low vitamin D, contact us for a high quality vitamin D that we carry that is solubilized in oil for better absorption in the digestive tract and third-party tested to guarantee potency and purity.  High dosing can be provided in only one capsule daily.  Your health deserves it.

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