Tips to Improve Your Sleep

In the last post we discussed the impact that sleep disturbances have on our health.  In today’s post I want to share with you a list of some great tips to help you sleep.  The good news?  These tips are safe, inexpensive, and in time are really effective.  Start by adding in a couple of these tips each night and be persistent!

Incorporating simple sleep hygiene tips into your life can improve your sleep and your health.


Minimize or Avoid Stimulants

  • Avoid or minimize things that could be too stimulating.
  • Avoid caffeine containing beverages or foods after 2 PM.
  • Try to get your aerobic exercise done before 6 PM or at least 3 hours before bedtime.

Nighttime Tension and Anxiety

  • Avoid reading or watching the news before going to bed.
  • Avoid paying bills before bed.
  • Avoid checking your financial reports or the stock market before bedtime.
  • Avoid arguments before bedtime.

Sleep Planning and Bedroom Preparation

  • Plan your sleep by putting it on your schedule or knowing you are planning on 81/2 to 9 hours in your bed.
  • Be regular and try to go to sleep and wake up the same time each day.  This will help train your biological clock.
  • Avoid getting in bed after midnight as late hour sleep is not as helpful as earlier hour sleep.
  • Avoid late afternoon or evening naps.

Bedroom Air Quality

  • Use HEPA or other types of air purifiers / filters to clean the air in your bedroom.
  • If you smell mold or a musty smell have your bedroom checked or cultured for mold with culture plates.

Light, Noise, Temperature, and Environmental Issues

  • Turn down the lights in the room you are in 15 minutes before going to bed.
  • Use dark window shades or consider a set of eye shades to cover your eyes.
  • Make sure your sleeping area is the correct temperature range (not too hot or too cold)
  • Avoid sleeping near electric fields.  Try to have your head at least 5 feet away from electric fields, if possible.


  • Consider taking your magnesium and calcium before bedtime.
  • Consider 1-3 milligrams of melatonin two hours before you want to go to sleep.

Do you have some other sleeping tips that work well for you?  Please leave them in the comments below.  Give the sleep hygiene tips some time to work and you can begin experiencing improved sleep!

1 thought on “Tips to Improve Your Sleep”

  1. If I’ve had a busy day or too much caffeine I try to take some extra liver support before I eat dinner. If I have an unusually busy day or anticipating one, I tend to have one of those nights that I can’t fall asleep until after 3, or when the liver calms down. Making sure I take the adrenal supplements recommended for me (and magnesium) on regular basis helps me fall asleep at a good time.

    Other things I like- gentle stretching, quiet time, or calming essential oils in a bath.

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