Magnificent Seven: Think Right – Attitude of Gratitude

It’s easy for us to always focus on the negative.  When you are sick, tired and lack optimal wellness your thoughts are more negative.  You can start to get out of this rut by developing an attitude of gratitude.

I have seen numerous patients maintain a positive and thankful attitude despite everything in their life falling apart.  On the opposite hand I have seen those think the entire world is over because they got a cold.  What makes the difference?  Attitude.  Our society gets farther and farther away from a spirit of thankfulness.  So many feel they are “owed” something, and therefore have no gratitude for what they are given or already have.

Don’t follow that same path.  That’s not wellness.  Instead start a Gratitude Journal each day.  At the end of each day record five things for which you are thankful.  For some, finding five things seems like a monumental task, but once you start doing this consistently and change your attitude towards one of gratitude, you will find that there are so many things to be thankful for.

Take a chance each day to say, “Thank you” to someone that has helped you.  Say “thank you” to the girl in the checkout line, the teller at the bank, the waiter at the restaurant, to your spouse and to your kids.  Be thankful.  You will find that by developing a new outlook, an improved attitude of gratitude, and seeing the positive in situations you will begin to feel healthier.  Don’t delay…start today.

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