Magnificent Seven: Sleep Right – What Does Sleep Do?

Many people suffer with some sleep disturbance.  This is a problem since proper sleeping is essential for good health.  The field of sleep research is a relatively new field and there are still many unanswered questions.  One of the biggest questions is why do we even need to sleep?  Some say that sleep serves the prime service of optimizing brain function.  Others say it allows for tissue healing and regeneration.  Still others say that it is to process our memories, store them appropriately and promote learning.

The best way to illustrate why we need sleep is to look at what happens to us when we don’t get enough sleep most nights.

  • Concentration decreases
  • Decision-making ability declines
  • Irritability and frustration increase
  • Motor function is impaired
  • Speech is impaired
  • Car accidents are more common
  • Workplace accidents are more common
  • Ability to fight illness and disease declines
  • Mental and physical health disorders worsen
  • The aging process is accelerated

All these things just because refreshing “shut-eye” isn’t obtained on a daily basis.  Many people turn to a variety of medications for sleeping aids, but quickly discover that the long list of side effects far outweigh the few additional minutes of sleep.  The most often prescribed sleep medications only decrease time to sleep by a few minutes and extend sleep duration by 4-12 minutes on average.  So what does a person do?  You may be surprised to find there are simple sleep hygiene tips that can help you sleep deeper and better.  Also, daily compliance with the entire Magnificent Seven lifestyle will help you experience improved sleep.

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