Magnificent Seven: Poop Right – Proper Frequency and Consistency

We have mentioned it in passing (yes, pun intended) in previous blogs, and that is the fact that poop is toxic.  Normal bowel frequency is 1-3 bowel movements each day.  A normal bowel transit time, which is the total amount of time it takes for the things you ingest to be eliminated, should be 18-22 hours.  Anything slower or faster than this is a health concern.

One of the easiest ways to measure bowel transit time is to use activated charcoal.  Activated charcoal is also beneficial to keep around the house, or carry with you when you travel.  If you feel the onset of food poisoning, activated charcoal can be used to bind to the endotoxins that are produced.

For measuring bowel transit time you should consume some activated charcoal tablets immediately after a bowel movement.  Then write down the date and time you took the charcoal.  You should monitor for bowel transit by noting when you have a dark color start in your stool.  This is the charcoal and will be quite noticeable.  Calculate the total hours between ingesting the charcoal and its excretion.

If faster than 18 hours consider increasing fiber to slow transit time.  I recommend using a blend of psyllium.  If slower than 22 hours use magnesium citrate as we discussed in a previous blog.

A bowel movement should be soft and easy to pass.  All shades of brown are generally considered normal stool color.  Your stool should not float.  Bowel movements can have significant variety from person to person and dependent on diet.  I recommend patients be more aware of their movements and note if any noticeable changes occur.

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